Neuromod™ is a medical device company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, specialising in the research and development of neuromodulation technologies. The company is committed to developing innovative patient-centric treatments that promote positive therapeutic change in the human nervous system.

Neuromod™ was founded in 2010 to research and develop neuromodulation treatments for chronic tinnitus. Tinnitus is the perception of illusory sound in the absence of an external source and is most commonly described as 'ringing in the ears'.  Clinically significant tinnitus requiring specialist care occurs in 2.5% of the population. Many patients suffer secondary complications arising from their tinnitus including anxiety, sleep loss and depression. Neuromod™ is committed to advancing tinnitus research and improving the standard of care for this condition globally. 

Regulatory Approval

Neuromod™ has been certified as meeting the ISO 13485 international best practise standards for quality and control of the design and manufacture of medical devices. The company’s mutebutton® bi-modal neuromodulation device was awarded European Regulatory approval with a medical device CE Mark in 2014, by the British Standards Institute, certifying the product's safety and clinical efficacy.