Stimulating Possibilities™

Neuromod Devices is a global medical technology company founded to establish bimodal neuromodulation as a new standard of care for tinnitus, a condition that affects 15% of the global adult population.

The culmination of Neuromod’s research and development in this area for over a decade is the groundbreaking bimodal neuromodulation tinnitus treatment device, Lenire®.

Neuromod has clinically proven the safety, efficacy and patient tolerability of Lenire through three large-scale clinical trials involving 600+ tinnitus patients and real-world evidence. Lenire research has been published in prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals.

This technology is protected by the largest and earliest IP portfolio in bimodal neuromodulation for tinnitus with 134 global patents across 37 countries.

Neuromod’s comprehensive and consistent body of clinical trial and real world evidence saw Lenire® become the first device of its kind to be awarded an FDA De Novo Grant for the treatment of tinnitus in the United States of America.

Stimulating progress


Neuromod Devices is committed to advancing tinnitus care through the research, development and clinical evaluation of bimodal neuromodulation, and through the continued clinical education, training and support of its hearing healthcare providers.

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Stimulating innovation

Neuromod Technology

Neuromod has developed Lenire®, an at-home tinnitus treatment technology that is prescribed and customised on a per patient basis by qualified healthcare providers. Lenire is CE-marked in Europe and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration through the award of a De Novo Grant.

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Stimulating Excellence

Clinical Advancement

Neuromod Devices’ management team and board include scientific, clinical and industry experts in hearing and tinnitus. The team collaborates with other opinion-leading scientists and clinicians.

Together we design and conduct large-scale clinical trials at internationally recognised sites and publish the results in high-tier peer-reviewed journals, where they are evaluated by independent scientific experts.

Through this process, Neuromod works to build the credibility and establish bimodal neuromodulation as a new standard of care for tinnitus.

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