We are a venture-backed company that designs, clinically validates and commercialises bimodal neuromodulation technologies. Our approach is to identify and prioritise unaddressed chronic neurological conditions that constitute significant market opportunities and to develop evidence-based neuromodulation therapies in these indications.

We are an ISO13485 accredited medical device manufacturer based in Dublin, Ireland and are supported by a network of long-established and internationally recognised partners.

Our platform is approved for sale within the European Union (CE marked) and United States of America (FDA De Novo grant) and we have a growing portfolio of issued US and European patents protecting our technology. We have designed a proprietary platform technology for the delivery of non-invasive neuromodulation treatments for chronic neurological conditions, and we are currently focused on the development of a therapy for chronic tinnitus, an unaddressed clinical condition commonly known as ‘ringing in the ears’.

Stimulating technology

Tinnitus currently affects 1 in 10 adults and severely impacts 1% of the general population. Our technology is uniquely positioned to meet the unmet clinical needs of the millions of tinnitus sufferers globally.

Tinnitus is age-related, with the risk of developing the condition doubling over the age of fifty. Ageing populations constitute a major driver of market growth in the developed world.

Tinnitus is related to acute and prolonged noise exposure. The ubiquitous use of personal entertainment devices since the 1980s is widely believed to be a future driver of growth as the first users of these technologies enter their fifties.

Tinnitus remains a stubbornly untreatable condition that constitutes a significant economic burden on public healthcare systems globally. Tinnitus patients are in a constant referral cycle between primary and specialist care. This recurring problem is costing billions in healthcare expenses.

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